I am interested in bodies, in what it is to live in, or as, this messy, demanding, and curious form, this “frail animal body.” Legislated, mediated, fragmented, reviled, and revered, bodies are our inescapable source of pleasure, pain, good and bad behaviors, and countless individual and collective anxieties. I began as a sculptor and through collage and drawing made my way to photography. All are in play in my current series of photographic textiles and related soft sculptures: my staged photographs and casual cell phone photographs printed on fabric which I then cut, piece, and sew into shaped quilts. In my staged photographs, when I perform for the camera by covering my arm (a stand in for my whole, mortal body) with a stocking and stick various objects (such as fruit, scissors, flowers) in the stocking, I insert myself into the sphere of objects and put those objects into the sphere of bodies. This attachment blurs the line between a body and a thing. My quilts are close to but not exactly functional blankets. They lie somewhere on a continuum between sculpture, photography, drawing and collage. Their unwieldy shapes come about through sketches, and trial and error. Perhaps shapes are so closely tied to bodies (as Amy Sillman suggests) that to make one is to feel your own body’s vulnerability. (Perhaps a viewer senses this in their body too. Maybe that’s why shapes are often funny.) The photographic textiles collage together image fragments from what we call daily life and from the realm of the imaginal.

–BW 2022